Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh, Hail!!!

Yes I did too just type that!!

It is storming this evening and I am home with 2 little girlies, J and a little friend of hers. They are watching a movie and I am trying to sort out a 5th grade Sunday School lesson. The rest of the crew are at a pro b-ball game to which we were given 4 great tickets, and it just so happens that today is C's big 12th. (Crazy!!!)

So it started to rain really, really, really hard. In fact, we are in a tornado watch, which is vaguely amusing now that we no longer live in tornado alley. A brief thought flashed through my mind about the back windows in D3's car being open, then I dismissed it. They surely got rolled up. Right! And then came the wind and hail as a compliment to the blinding rain. So I ran out into the storm in my pj's (yep!) and socks to pull in the car (stick shift), quickly see that the back left window is indeed down as I try and back up, promptly kill the car, apparently because the emergency break is still on, restart, peel out and skid forward into the garage.

Next Big D's truck. (Still not sold, by the way.) I run into the house to grab his keys, then back out only to realize I first have to move 2 bikes and a kennel with a big 90 lb scaredy-cat black lab in it, and then back into the storm. Parking a dooley in a garage aint easy, especially when there is already a car in there. Congratulating myself on successfully not scratching any paint, and collapsed against the wall in wet muddy socks with the cat calmly looking at me like I am a complete loon, I watch the garage door go down and note that it is not only no longer hailing, but it has also stopped blowing and raining. In fact, the sun is shining quite brightly again.

Oh, hail!!!

Editors note: If you find it offensive that it sounded a whole lot like I just cussed on the internet, please note that the spell check option has been used and that certain voice inflections can drastically alter the meaning of a given phrase. Besides, I am anonymous. (:


spaghettipie said...

I am deeply offended by the vulgarity that is on this blog! I'm going to have to talk to your pastor about that.

:) Actually, I laughed through the entire post.

Anonymous said...

Collateral damage: on her pj & socks run through the hail, cherished cell phone fell unnoticed out of pj pockets(?) into the driveway. She can still call you, but at last check, she cannot hear you answer and you cannot hear her speak. Cell phone bill going down, text message bill going up...
Thanks for rescuing my truck!

meh said...

Ok, you can all breathe easy! Fortunately it rained so briefly after getting D3's car in the garage that my cell phone is completely dry and is now fully functioning except for the light not coming on. But that was already broken from being dropped earlier. So it didn't get completely healed or anything, it just got back to where it was. I am rambling. Bye.

Blue Skies said...

Too funny and awfully familiar! Glad all is well, now.