Sunday, April 27, 2008

Anxiety and Consolation

Hey girls,

It has been a really long and busy week. And just a bit stressful. C'est la vie! But that doesn't make the anxiety in my life any more right! Which is stressful!

At any rate, I did get some stuff done. For example:
*a couple Bible studies
*one skit re-written to a 5th grade level
*four VBS skit rough drafts scripted out
*A few emergency children's ministry meetings
*An all day track meet ( by 1:00 we were betting on and cheering for various random kids who were competing and who we had no clue who they were but there was nothing else to do).
*A pedicure along with my book club girls (which was pretty tough but I gutted it out...ministry, you know).
*A cook out (not so bad a thing all by itself, but I had to clean the house before they got here).
*And driving 2 hours a day because my son's carpool was out of town all week. (Gas prices are enough to stress anyone out!)
Plus the normal list...laundry, etc. And there was so, so, so much more I had on my to-do list!!!! Like putting the laundry actually in the drawers. Like blogging. Like reading your blogs. And it was stressful to not check everything off the list. I didn't even have a written list, which I obviously love, but had to do mentally which is stressful in and of itself!

I had the luxury of a few moments tonight and so I decided to catch up with you via internet. It was good to just sit and read and catch up with my sisters in Christ. Having a few moments to be quiet and alone reminds me that this stress thing just doesn't work. It is going to be another busy week. Stressing and anxiety won't change any of that. It doesn't really help me accomplish anything extra. And there is certainly no joy in it.

"When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul." Psalm 94:19

I am going to run to His consolation this week when that busy, stressy feeling approaches my heart. I am committing to that!

Will let you know how that goes! (: Have a good week!


1 comment:

Kellie said...

Really, meh, do you think you might have been able cram ONE MORE THING into your schedule? Geesh!

I love the ministerial pedicure. I need to find one those very very soon.

Praying for you friend!