Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wild Life

Life is just...wild. I do wish I had pictures to share.

Last night, very late, I scattered sweaty-nasty-teenage-workout socks around my rose bushes and petunias in an effort to repulse (or would that be repel) the local deer population from treating my garden as its midnight buffet. I glanced up to my right and saw two very large deer watching me with their very big innocent eyes as if to say "Why would you do such a thing to our dinner?" And so I did the mature thing and yelled at them to just leave my roses alone.

This morning, very early, my daughter and husband observed a fat raccoon dumping the entirety of our bird feeder on the back deck. (And we thought the woodpecker was a messy eater!) C would have liked to have kept him around as a pet, or at least for a picture, but my husband went in to testosterone mode and charged out on the deck scaring it off before she could grab the camera.

Minutes later, 12 turkeys decided to enjoy a morning swim in our pool. Actually, they just splashed around in the cavernous hole that WAS the pool before it was hauled off and currently has 3 inches of tadpole infested rain water sitting in it. My boys thought this was pretty cool and wished it was turkey season, but did they think about getting a picture of it for me as I still slept in my comfy bed? Nope!

And last but not least, the daddy crane got into it with his reflection again, this time tearing up a screen that covers one of our basement windows. I actually had the camera (as I was awake for this episode as it was after 9:00 AM) but I was so mad about the screen I failed to "take the high road" and chased it off yelling at it to get away from our house.

I think I am starting to feel a little paranoid that nature is closing in on us! Next thing you know, the coyotes in the field next door will be curling up in Truck's old dog house and the hummingbirds will be dive bombing us as we walk out to the car.


whimzie said...

Do you live in Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom? I hope you own a tranquilizer gun.

meh said...

Whimzie, I am beginning to feel like it! We don't have the tranquilizer gun just yet, but if my husband sees your comment he will likely think that is a great idea and spend hours online looking for one. We are getting a puppy soon. That will probably take care of all the wildlife! (: