Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Blogger's Meme

For 5 minutes I stared at my blank computer screen with its silent command of "Create" staring right back at me. (No pressure there! ) Some random blogging questions began to trickle through my brain and I really wanted someone or a group of someones to discuss these deep thoughts with.

And all of a sudden, like a blast of blogger lightening, I realized I had the makings of my very own meme. So here it is (for what it is worth) with my own "answers", (for lack of another word):

1. Does anyone know what a meme is or stands for or where it came from? If so, please do enlighten me. If not, just think up something terribly creative to say--I will probably believe you.

{I personally have no clue...and I have been blogging how long now?! But then, I am really just a wannabe.}

2. How many drafts are currently in your list of posts, either waiting to be edited or just never ended up being published?

{at least 2 waiting to be edited and more then 5 never published}

3. Do you find yourself perusing other people's blogs and then comparing against your own?

{Yep, I do, though it is a little narcissistic of me. I just can't help it. That is just me. It is how I am. And I am really ok with me being that way. Actually, come to think of it, all blogging in and of itself is a little narcissistic, isn't it?!}

4. Have you ever "borrowed" someone else's specific blog idea without their permission or citing them as your resource?

{Honestly, I don't think so. But maybe I am just seriously self-deceived.}

5. And in your opinion, is the above plagiarism or just taking a little license within the benevolent blogging community?

{If it is a really good and unique idea, it seems like you should probably get permission, or at least tell everyone reading who was originally responsible for such incredible creativity! After all, it isn't so easy to just up and "create"! Hence this meme! }

6. When you pre-schedule blogs does it ever make you feel like you are somehow manipulating the future? Or like you are a big liar because people think you just posted when you really published it 2 weeks previously?

{Or maybe it is just me that feels that way!}

7. When was the last time you checked your sitemeter with the list of visitors to your blog?

{Just now because for the life of me I went blank on what that sitemeter thingy was called. But before that it had been a good long while. Possibly because I am afraid it will prove that I am typing words just for the sake of seeing myself write (the MEH paraphrase of the ever popular "talking just to hear myself speak", which I have also been known to do on occasion.}

1 comment:

Kellie said...

Girl, you are funny even in this post!

I will do your Meme, even though I know what it is but can't tell you what it means.

And Oh my goodness you have posted a ton recently! Yay!