Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Public Thank You

When Kellie came to visit the Mitten a couple weeks back, we went shopping.

As usual!

But this time, in addition to the mall and the cute little shops, we also ran over to Costco for some steaks. And to find some vitamins that Kellie likes. And so I want to issue a public thank you to Kellie and to Kirkland multi-vitamin packs for this:

My nails haven't been this strong since B.C. (before conception). Pre-natal vitamins were worthless to me since they (and almost everything else I ate) usually came right back up, so basically it has been about 18 years and a few months since I have enjoyed 10 long nails on my fingers! (So why haven't I gone back to vitamins after having the babies...dude, I have 4 kids and I was too busy to take vitamins!)

Anyways, regardless of whatever else these vitamins are doing for me, they are worth it just to have nails again!


Kellie said...

Holy Smokes girl! I have never seen how beautiful your nails can get! they look awesome!

Why don't those vitamins do that for me?

whimzie said...

They don't do that for me either. In fact, I wasn't sure they were doing anything for me except coloring the water neon colors when I went to the bathroom. (Too much? Sorry.) But if Kellie says they're good, and they're just taking up space in my cabinet anyway....sigh...I guess I'll start taking them again.