Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Favorite Garden

This is my favorite garden. And so far it has been mercifully spared from the local varmints! (Not pictured to the right are two pink wegelia bushes that are so pretty. I just couldn't get them in the photo.)

I think I love this garden because 3 years ago it was completely non-existent and just waiting to be created by me. And I think it is also special to me because it is still a work in progress. While it is matured to the point that we can sit in our rocking chairs on the porch on a cool, still evening and enjoy its beauty, it still has room to grow and places where it needs shaping. It still needs me!

On another note, my three youngest are in the plane to Oklahoma for 3 weeks of R & R with their Grandparents and Cousins while D and I and our oldest, D3, will soon be "on mission" in Brazil. The younger 3 are so excited. This is something they have looked forward to for a long time.

But it is hard to release them into God's hands as we all go separate ways for a time.

Yes, I know, that should have already been settled long ago. And it was. But it is a continual discipline for me as a mom! Because they have been such a part of me. Because, while they are growing up fast and are maturing beautifully, they still have so much more room to grow and so many places in which they still need shaping. They still need me!

This going our separate ways for a short time points me back to the basics of parenting. Children are a blessing from God. They are ultimately His and He has very capable hands with which to hold them. I am truly blessed God made me their mother.

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Kellie said...

Ouch! That is such a hard lesson....to love on our kids without holding them so close and fear the letting go!

I thought about your kiddos yesterday...since I haven't heard from you I am assuming they got to OK safely!

And I LOVE your garden. I hadn't realized that that hadn't been there the whole time. It's my favorite garden in Michigan too!