Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top 5 Ways to Humble a Homemaker

Did you guys have company in town for the holidays? Several of my friends had out-of-town guests and as we all checked up on each other, we found that there was a common theme. We each had experienced some humbling experience with our company that reflected poorly on our homemaking skills. Fortunately, none of us care too deeply and it seems funny enough to pass along. So here are a few examples of ways to humble a homemaker:

5. Leave earlier then scheduled.

{Granted, this is sometimes a good thing for everyone, though still humbling! When our electricity went out for 48 hours over Christmas Eve and Christmas day, our company endured it with us. Toward the end they thought about taking off and I wouldn't have blamed them in the least if they had.}

4. Offer to take over the menu after you hear what she has planned.


3. Re-arrange her dishwasher.

{Harmless really. Just...annoying.}

2. After seeing the bathroom, ask where she keeps her cleaning supplies.

{This one happened to me and is even more humbling in that it was done by a man. The only saving grace is that it was my boys bathroom that they had been assigned to clean earlier. I didn't check up on their work and they failed to take into consideration that their papa would care how clean it was. It was a fun moment when my father-in-law took them in hand and "trained" them on how to clean a bathroom according to his standards.}

1. Wear white socks in her kitchen.

{This one happened in my own kitchen and, thank goodness, I was the one wearing white socks, not a guest. But it was still humbling!!}

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Kellie said...

Number 4 would put me over the edge!

I've probably done number 3, to make room for more dishes...not because I am OCD. (Or CDO, alphabetized, like it should be.)