Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Like Mother, Like Son? I Hope Not!!

D3 came home from school yesterday and went straight to the computer to register online for taking the ACT test. He is very serious about it and has his eye on scholarships. He registered all by himself with the exception of paying for it (he borrowed my credit card) and it all makes me feel very...cranky.

{Yes, cranky is the word. Who gave my baby boy permission to act all responsible and pre-adult?}

Anyways, it reminded me very much of myself and when I took my ACT.

{Not the responsible pre-adult part, but just the fact that I took the ACT at some point in my highschool career.}

My mom signed me up. She told me where to go. She probably made sure I had two #2 pencils all nice and sharpened in my purse and a healthy snack to keep my brain functioning at optimal levels. She set me up for ACT success. During the intermission I just happened to run in to an old friend. We talked in the hall half way through the next testing period before we realized what time it was. It really turned out fine since it was the math portion and I didn't take anything above Algebra II so I was basically guessing on most of the questions anyways. I squeaked through somehow and was able to get in to the university I wanted. But definately no scholarships...for heavens sake, I was just happy to be there and happy I would never have to take another ACT again!

So D3 hands me back my credit card and asks me what I got on my ACT way back when. I weighed the options (honesty and vulnerability vs. flat out lying) and wound up choosing silence. After all, tests are hard enough as it is. I didn't want to put any extra pressure on him.

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