Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Clues You are Raising a Princess

* "OOOH, this is SO GROSS!"
(Not about handling raw meat or cleaning the boys' toilet...The Princess was on trash duty Saturday morning.)

* The Princess has mastered an English accent and she isn't afraid to use it.

* "I have lost my blindfold!", said with a clear note of panic.
(This aqua and hot pink sleeping blindfold keeps the royal Princess room just the right amount of dark for optimal Princess sleep.)

* "Some of the pages have been ripped out of this notebook."
(This is a notebook in which The Princess is writing a story, not for school but just for kicks. Why that disappointed her so deeply, I have no idea! It wasn't any of the pages she had written on and there were plenty more empty ones.)

* "I have to go but I don't want to go because the toilet seat will be cold!"

You know, as I read through these, I have to admit that I can totally relate to some of these clues and honestly, the last one crosses my mind every blessed morning throughout the long winter months. Maybe I have just a little bit of "Princess" in me too.


Kellie said...

Uh, I think I might be raising a princess.

Of course it takes one to know right?

Hey! I love your new blog "look"! Very chic!

Becky said...

meh have no fear I am going to invent a toilet seat least I say that every morning I get up and shiver as I take my place on my throne. B~