Friday, November 30, 2007

The Dog Is Sold

4 Christmas' ago, Big D named our new black labrador puppy "Truck". Actually, the official name is Holden'sBlackPowderTruck. He was 8 weeks old when he joined our pack and certainly NOT the runt of the litter. The name was a good fit due to his size but also because, at the time, D didn't own a truck and we would laugh that the only way he was going to ever get one was to name the dog Truck.

Shortly after this D found his dream vehicle...a big black 4 wheel drive dooley diesel. Since our move up north, the vehicle has certainly gotten its share of comments. (We do live in suburbia and we aren't in Tejas anymore.) People are also amused at the name of our labrador, and he gets his share of comments as well. Anyways, much to our amusement, several of our friends decided to name D's truck "Dog".

For the past few months, the realization has slowly been hitting us that driving the truck doesn't make sense any longer. So D put a sign in the window and yesterday the sad day arrived. Dog has been sold.

D is mourning a little bit, but I just keep reminding him that:
1. a mini-van isn't exactly my dream vehicle
2. he still has Truck, the big black goofy dog that he is

They even do devotions together when its warm outside!


spaghettipie said...

Ah! For a fleeting moment I thought you had sold the dog . . . I mean, Truck! Our condolences to big D.

Kellie said...

I agree with spaghetti. I almost joked on my coffee when I read the title!

I love that picture! Truck makes me laugh! Sitting in that chair like a human....

The kids and I always are so amazed by how big he is!

Lara said...

D looks positively Northern! Look at those shoes! GRANOLA! The truck is gone and so are the boots I'm going to really have to start giving up the hope you're ever coming back!

Lanaya said...
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