Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Such a Proud Moment

My son in 8th grade had a Thanksgiving brunch in his class this morning. His job was to bring fruit salad, and wisely the room mom emailed me with that information last week so I was completely prepared the night before rather then the morning of. Chatting with the room mom tonight at his b-ball game, I found that as M presented the fruit salad to his class, in that true "Thanksgiving spirit", he requested they not eat it all because he was saving some of it for his snack later. He was apparently dead serious. And his classmates apparently complied with this request. All I have to say is, such a proud moment for me! And of all my kids, I would not have expected that from him. On the up side, at least he is making good choices to eat healthy snacks!

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Kellie said...

That is hysterical!...and may I add, very male. A girl would so not claim the last bit of fruit salad as her lunch time snack if her life depended on it. Now chocolate cake? That's a different story. In that case, a large slice would be taken IN ADVANCE! Because you don't know who you can trust when cake is involved! ;)