Monday, November 19, 2007

Basketball Is My Favorite Sport...

And I am going to get PLENTY of B-Ball this year. D-3 made JV, M is playing jr high, and C and J will play in our church league on Saturdays. Big D will coach J's team this year, since he and I coached C's team last year. But as for me, I will sit on the sidelines, cheer my kids on, and love doing it. Most of the time. For that small bit of time that is frustrating I make the following commitment:

When I get tired of driving, I will remind myself of how fun it was when I was in their stage of life and be thankful for the sacrifice of time my own parents made.
When I get discouraged because 2 games are going at the same time and I can't be at both, I will be thankful that my husband can usually be at one and I can be at the other.
When I grow butt-weary of sitting on the bench, I will remember it is a season with a beginning and an next Fall I will again be saying "Basketball is my favorite sport!"

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