Wednesday, November 28, 2007


...for a seven year old can be many things. It is body function noises. It is Sponge Bob. It often doesn't make any sense whatsoever to the mature adult mind, let alone to other seven year olds. May I just say, I usually fail to appreciate seven year old humor. But this last Sunday, J and I enjoyed an extended, side-splitting giggle over something she said in the car on the way home.

It went like this: Big D asked if his talk that morning had made sense. I said yes. And J leans over and asks, dead serious and with a gleam in her little eye, how many cents did it make?

Jenna and I proceeded to giggle for about the next 5 minutes together. Here it is Wed. night and I am still smiling over the memory!! For a brief moment in time, we bonded together in laughter and a common sense of humor.

Now I need to go turn Sponge Bob off before he drives me insane.

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Tracie said...

Marie I would have to say the same about 4 year old humor also :) Great to see your blog too!