Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Very Own Three Ring Circus

Late last night some friends of ours brought their dog by for a short visit. They are moving into a new house and so their little Sheltie, Mollie, needed a place to crash. She is a very sweet little mini-Lassie and my kids were thrilled!

Our big lab, Mr. T, was already tucked in his kennel when Mollie arrived, but kitty was so kind as to meet Mollie outside. Suffice it to say, it was not love at first sight. We brought Mollie inside and fed kitty outside. Through a series of barks and yips, Mollie finally succeeded in assuring us that Timmie was not in the well and that she would like to sleep in our room last night. (Yes, La Vida Dulce and Spaghettipie, you read that correctly.)

The rest of our night was uneventful but dawn broke the charm. C. and I took her out front to smell the roses so to speak, and she met Mr. T for the first time. Mr. T is very, very large. Sheltie's are very, very small. But fortunately, labs are notoriously happy and before anything too "interesting" could happen a distraction showed up in the form of kitty ready for battle.

Kitty and our dog have long since found a truce, but kitty is apparently a one dog cat. She proceeded to taunt Mollie mercilessly with slaps, dodging in and out for about 15 minutes. I fianlly gave up and rescued Mollie, carrying my dew drenched kitty to the back deck with her food. Mr. T, who adores all food but particularly cat food, promptly threw all training to the wind, galloped to the back and onto the deck, and in 1 second devoured her bowl. Kitty climbed the wall, literally. Mollie employed her communication method, telling us that Kitty was a meany and that Truck was gross and eating cat food.

Forget the three ring circus analogy, I feel like I have 3 preschoolers!


Kona said...

Big T,

Mollie? You traded me in for a collie named Mollie. Tell me it isn't so. I thought I was the only mutt for you?


Kellie said...


What a riot! I do hope you have a dog house out side for this pampered pooch .

Also, I may have to tease Big D a little bit about Lassie sleeping at the foot of the bed, or did she get the pillow too? ;)


spaghettipie said...

Oh, man! I'm laughing out loud at the very thought of it. I know a bored chocolate lab who will be so sad to have missed all of the fun.

Actually, she wants to know why she always had to sleep outside when she came to Camp MEH. . .