Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It sounds dark and a bit morbid, but this is what it is apparently called. Popping off the dead blooms on my rose bush allows new fresh blooms to appear sooner then if I just let them dry up and fall off on their own.

As I performed this rite on my four little bushes the other day, my mind had nothing else to do but analogise it to my own life. There comes a time when a phase or circumstance or even habit of life needs to come to a close. Sometimes it is a quick death. Sometimes it fades slowly. Regardless, the bloom time is ending.

Deep thoughts for a Tuesday, I know. (: But I resolve to not hang on to old, faded and crusty blooms because new, fresh and fragrant blooms are preparing to bud!

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Kellie said...

Ever since I've known you you've always had a rose bush! Such great things to learn, and apply to life with roses!

And I also added "analogise" to my list of vocabulary words! We are learnin' all over the place!