Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dressing Up

I have never met a girl who doesn't love dressing up!

As a kid, my favorite outfit was a flowing mexican dress of black and silver. The skirt was absolutely fabulous for twirling! Just a few years later it was time for highschool banquets. And then during my college years I had the ultimate in dress up occasions--my very own wedding complete with gorgeous trailing dress and veil! For a little while I had a bit of a dress-up dry spell, and then like magic I had several friends ask me to be a bridesmaid. I agreed instantly, mostly because I loved them but also because I would get to wear long fancy dresses and strappy heels!

My girls are no different and they are really very creative. Some days they are spy girls and that is when the black boots and the hats come out. Other days they opt for the pathetic old west/frontier mom routine and they wear shawls and mother whole hordes of stuffed animals in their sod shanty. They have way more props then I ever did with all sorts of outfits and accessories that "work" for all different sorts of occasions. And when in doubt, they just improvise. For instance, my girls helped me make dinner the other night. We made stuffed ham and spinach pasta shells with a garlic white sauce--one of our favorites. So I tell them to go wash their hands and grab their aprons and a long 10 minutes later they show up ready to cook...wearing heels, makeup, hair done up high, and jewelry. Oh, and also their aprons. I was very impressed!

Well, I am off to make dinner...and to dig out my strappy heels and apron!

P.S. This would have been the perfect day to have posted a picture but I am still not there yet...just give me time!


Kellie said...

"stuffed ham and spinach pasta shells with a garlic white sauce-"

Holy Smokes! From a gal that has told me for the last four years that she doesn't really cook that is one impressive entree!


Lara said...

The strappy heels and apron brings up all kinds of images maybe its a good thing you can't post pictures yet!

spaghettipie said...

I'm kinda with Lara. When I glanced over your post and read that line first, I wasn't quite sure where you were going with that one! :)

meh said...

Some people need to just get their minds out of the gutter!! (: