Friday, August 3, 2007

Biding my time...

To bide one's time is to wait patiently for an opportunity, so says Webster. The title of my blog came to me this morning as I thought through my upcoming year and the hint of wonderful new opportunities awaiting me.

I am not sure how consistently patient I have been, but for the past 16 years I have been biding my time. Please don't misunderstand me...I have enjoyed and loved being right where I was meant to be! The past decade and a half have been a whole series of opportunities! But starting this September I will have reached a serious milestone. I will not have a child in my home during the school day. I won't need to formulate, and then re-formulate lesson plans and field trips. I won't have to drag them with me on errands. I will have literally hours during the day that are kid-less.

I have to admit I have a strange mix of elation and apprehension at the opportunities that are just around the corner.

Do I get a job to earn some extra cash? Do I up my volunteer work at the church, and if so, in which capacity? How about the kids schools? The community? Do I actually become a conscientious housekeeper? Do I expand my culinary "efforts"? Do I start watching HGTV? Do I join the gym? Do I start to blog?

Thankfully, I am not at this milestone alone. I am reassured by Scripture that God has created me with a specific plan in mind and already has good works set out for me to do for His Glory. I commit here and now to patiently wait for Him to show me what those new opportunities are and to lean on Him for the accomplishment of them. I also have a loving and faithful husband who is looking forward to this new phase of life and encouraging me to embrace it. And I have some fun friends who are just a speed-dial or a blog away who share like interests and issues.

Reality is that this is just one milestone in my life. There are lots more ahead of me, which means lots of future opportunities opening up. Very exciting stuff!

Thanks for walking with me as I continue to bide my time.


bigdinmichigan said...

encouraging husband here...just wanted you to know that I am glad to bide time with you, and am excited to cross this milestone of our lives and look forward to many more together.

Lara said...

OHHHH I wanted to be the first to comment!

Man am I excited for you! I anticipate being in your shoes in about 2 years and am looking forward and dreading it all at the same time!

Loved your first post MEH (Mija) keep writin! :)

Kellie said...

Sweet (and now Bloggy) friend,

I am thrilled that you have FINALLY joined the dark side, uh, I mean, the bloggers side. I have always said that you needed to get a blog and now I look forward to checking it (except weekends, cause i don't "work" on weekends!)

I think your first post is eloquent. I figure you will sharpen my writing skills. And maybe force me to write less fluff?

By the Way, bigdinmichigan, those words are worth some serious brownie points. Since I happen to know they are genuine I think it was very nice.

Welcome to web!


spaghettipie said...

wow - that milestone already? loved your thoughts and look forward to reading and hearing about where this phase of life takes you.