Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Favorites

I think, starting today, I am going to make Friday my "Favorites" day on my blog. I may share a recipe, quote, book...we shall see and I hope you will enjoy a peak into things that qualify in my life as "highly regarded". And so here we go:

"Moderation in everything, even in moderation."

(I am not sure who to credit with this quote, but I believe it was a famous chef being interviewed on t.v. about perhaps a delectable dessert of chocolate. I was immediately struck by the simple insight found in that comment.)


Lara said...

MODERATION!?! Girl you posted at 5:03 AM!!! How about some Sleep!

Kellie said...

Great quote.

But must we talk about moderation and chocolate in the same post?


meh said...

Lara, trust me, it was NOT 5:03 AM when I posted! It was more like 8:03. I think I need to fix the clock on the blog, unless everyone is impressed at how early I get up. And Kellie, I hear ya'!!!!!

Blue Skies said...

meh you are putting me to shame. I don't think I can ever reach the kind of blog-greatness that y'all have. Congrats on your new blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading!!