Thursday, January 7, 2010

Projects make me Procrastinate

I have a HUGE project going on right now...HUGE, I tell you! And it is a group project and it is ministry and exciting.

So, apparently, that is all the more reason to pull every box of pictures out from under my bed dating back to 1970. And also work through the box of trophies that has been moved (but never unpacked) to at least 4 other houses before this one.

I think projects make me procrastinate.


whimzie said...

I think air makes me procrastinate.

Kellie said...

HAve I told you yet that I think your project is an awesome idea and I can't wait to get to peek in on it, even though I am not even really invited?

Well, I do. And I will.

So stop procrastinating.

Or wait, next time you need a good excuse to procrastinate, just call me!