Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memories that make you say "Ouch"

I was just catching up on some blogs and happened upon Snoodling's story about her beautiful daughter. After saying "ouch" out loud to the computer screen on Snoodlings behalf, I had a flash back.

A few months back a thoughtful couple in the church left a bouquet of flowers on "our" seats. (Note: I have always been a back-of-the-auditorium-sitter, but this is the small price I pay being married to my man...same front row seat every Saturday night and Sunday morning.) Anyways, back to my story. So I took a second to read the handwritten note pinned to it before I put it in water...it says, and I quote, "for Pastor (and 1/2 too)".

So I am sure they were simply wanting to include me, and maybe just went blank on my name at the last minute but still felt they had to write something, and they probably refer to each other as "the other half" in loving sorts of ways and so that was all they could think of. But it still made me feel... like saying "ouch"!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they're big fans of Little House on the Prairie and they meant to put 1/2 PINT...you know, like Charles used to call Laura? Yeah, I'm reaching. I feel your pain, fractionated friend.