Monday, January 4, 2010

In Pursuit of Kindness

My "fruit" for this year of 2010 is...drum roll please... kindness.

It doesn't scare the be-geebers out of me like the year I prayed for patience.

It doesn't intimidate me like love did this last year.

But I am very curious!

How, really, is kindness different then love? Or is it?!

How is Biblical kindness different from the kindness our world promotes? Or is it!?

Am I going to spend my year compelled to be randomly kind to all I meet? That could get exhausting for an introvert like myself.

And who is the "person" in Scripture that best personifies kindness? Pretty sure it won't be Jonah...and I already used Jesus for love in 2009 so I probably should use someone else.

Very curious indeed! I will let you know how my pursuit of kindness goes. (Yes, yes I know it is a fruit of the Spirit so in essence I don't need to pursue it since it is ready and available to me through the Spirit living within me, and yet, for all that, pursuit still feels to me like the right word to use!)


Anonymous said...

Ooh. Those are some good questions! I was thinking about what I would answer to them and have decided I'm eager to hear what you learn about kindness this year.

Anonymous said...

PS I haven't read The Year of Living Biblically but I have a friend who is and is enjoying it. Actually I've had a couple of friends mention it now. I may have to put it on my 2010 book list.