Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Dog's New Year Resolutions

It is Jan. 5th.

Usually by this point I am so over the whole fresh start, New Years resolution thing and am busy just living life. But for some reason it keeps coming back up in my mind. Like there is unfinished business of some sort that I can't quite put my finger on.

So I am sitting by the fire, pondering these deep thoughts when my eye catches sight of Dublin laying there sublimely happy and asleep. And off my mind goes on this little rabbit trail through the forest...

What would Dublin's resolutions be for this year?

*To not pee his pants anymore when he gets scared.
(Author's note: Actually his kennel got pee'd in...he doesn't really wear pants because he is a dog after all. It only happened once but he was pretty embarrassed after the fact and I KNOW he doesn't want to repeat it. Right Dublin?!)
*To not break his leg this year.
(Author's note: Again, it only happened once so far, but it was a real pain...)
*To not growl at J when she pulls on the fur between his toes because his fuzzy paws are just so darn adorable.
(Author's note: It is hard to be adorable apparently!)
*To gain weight.

I find it is so much more comfortable to contemplate new beginnings and fresh starts for my dog then for myself. I feel better now and can get on with living my day.

Maybe the next time I feel contemplative I will work on Hidey Cat's resolutions for the year...

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Kellie said...

I am totally laughing at this post, mostly because it so stinking funny, but also because....

I was thinking in my crazy head about the outfits Dublin could've been wearing when he pee'd his pants....it Big D would allow his dogs to wear pants.

Hmmm....yup, still giggling..... ;)