Saturday, February 14, 2009

Truck's Adventures

About a month ago, Truck left home for another one of his adventures.

He has had many adventures over the last 5 years. So many in fact that I was once inspired to write a series of stories about his wanderings back in our Texas days. They mostly had to do with character issues that I wanted my kids to begin to notice in their own lives and work on. Over-turned garbage cans around the neighborhood and over-night absences were just the creative springboard for getting those points across to them in a fun way.

Don't get me wrong...the kids weren't exactly turning over the neighbors trash or running away for long periods of time, but I managed to make it work!

This latest adventure was his last for us as a family. We couldn't find him this time around.

It is a little easier knowing that this is just how he was. We couldn't train him out of that sense of adventure and the radio collar wasn't always effective enough to keep him close to home. But with his wander-lust, it really was only a matter of time.

So in this final post on the big goof ball, I just want to say that as much of a pain as he was to us, and as much pain as he caused us, he was our pain, and he is missed. His little personality quirks (digging holes, stealing little girls' mittens off their hands, marking our visitors' tires...) were all part of the story of our family's life these past 5 years because Truck was ours. Everyone was considered a friend, he hunted with D, and he was a gentle beast of a dog with our children. He was ours and he is missed.


Kellie said...

So sorry about Truck. I still think he's gonna show up one day...

Blue Skies said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm praying that he will show up soon.

spaghettipie said...

Oh, you guys! I'm so sorry!

I'll let you know if he shows up in our backyard.