Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Game for our "Cheap Yet Fun" Date Night

The name of the game is Greed!

You will need 6 dice and some pen and paper for each player.

Meld is 500 points totalled within one turn. 10,000 points to win the game.

1's - 100
5's - 50
1/2/3/4/5/6 - 1000
3 of a kind - 100 x # on the dice ( ex. 3 dice showing 4's would be 400)
3 1's - 1000

Roll all 6 dice at the same time. Count your points and then move those point-producing dice to the side. Whichever dice didn't roll points, you may now pick up and roll again (all together, whether two or three, etc.) to try and add to your total. Again, move over the point-producing dice and re-roll with any remaining dice. Or if you want to end your turn, record your point total for that roll (if you have melded) and pass the dice to the next player. If you choose to continue to try for points, and your remaining dice produce points, continue on until you are ready to pass the remaining unrolled dice to the next person. If any given roll does not produce any points your turn is over and you lose any points you may have just rolled in that turn. If all 6 dice produce points, even over the span of several rolls, keep rolling all the dice until you are ready to pass to the next person. Be careful you don't get too greedy and lose all your points!

Once you meld and once the previous player has decided they are done trying for points, you have the option to pick up the previous players unrolled dice and springboard from their points. But greed can trap you! If you don't roll any points, you lose your whole turn. But if you do roll points, you get the total points of the previous player's most recent roll (not of their total for the game) and you continue with your turn until you are ready to pass it along or until your greed causes you to lose all the points because you rolled bad numbers.

It sounds very complicated as I write this out, but it is super easy and very fun once you get going.

In addition to it being a great date game for two or four for a double date, it also is a great way to get some interesting insight into your kids personalities as a family game. We played it with our four kids the other night and I actually took notes and kept passing them over to Big D. It was seriously insightful. My oldest caught on to what I was doing towards the end and so then all the kids were dying to see what I had observed about them. It was a fun night!

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Kellie said...

We will have to play when I get there! It will help with my math skillz.