Friday, February 27, 2009


So you know that I am looking at love if you read my previous post.

Praying for it. Studying it. Trying to work it out into my daily life. It is my fruit this year.

Strangely, I am finding that as I sort through identifying what this fruit/command really is, I am consistently finding myself pointed to the concept of discipline.

Which feels kind of weird to me. It just isn't the first word I would normally go to when I think the word "love".

Because I am so slow on the uptake, additional confirmation is usually not too far behind. God is so very patient with me.

Case in point:

I have been growing a little lazy in some areas of my life the past several weeks. Nothing too terrible...some housework slipping through the cracks, Bible study for the Bible Studies sake and not for my personal relationship with God, sleeping too much, eating too many yummy things, skipping some work outs. (Dude, I could keep going but I will spare you any more details!)

So God woke me up with that thought a couple days ago. Not the most pleasant way to start the day, but it is wise to not ignore that still small voice when it is so big that it wakes you up!! Yes, I definately need to live in a more disciplined way.

In an effort to nip this pattern, I woke up an hour early this morning, grabbed my tea, and I started reading Proverbs 1. Despite my sleep deprivation, I did hit verse 2 fairly quickly only to find this: "for attaining wisdom and discipline".

Yep. Another confirmation. I am concluding that one key to understanding the fruit/command of love is for me to understand the role of discipline in my life. This is really beginning to get interesting!!

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