Saturday, February 21, 2009

Free and Educational!!

All you mommies, homeschooling or not, may be interested to check out this free web site: C's geography teacher told us about it and I just went to it a few minutes ago. Fun stuff! And educational!! And it isn't just geography either.

So do you remember those days? The days of learning the capitals and the states and the rivers and the mountain ranges and the... I do remember and I must say that our kids have it really good!!

It would have been really nice to have had interactive games which addressed all learning styles to find out that Sacramento is the capital of Kansas. (Or is it Topeka?!) And to not have to learn off of a blurry-inked xerox copy taken from the map out of the classroom atlas. I don't think I ever really figured out exactly where Maryland was on that map!

Most people will agree that some things (dare I say, many things?) in education today are not as good as they once were. But there are undeniably things that are better! This website proves it!

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