Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I was tagged by La Vida Dulce today for this meme:

What’s been one of the scariest (in a terrifying or humorous sense) thing you’ve ever experienced?

Honestly, it took me all of 1/4th of a second to know what has been the single most scary, terrifying experience of my entire life. I pray I never experience that kind of terror ever again!! And I can't share it with you, my dear internet circle, because it involves someone else.

So now I need to think of something that would come in second. And I am coming up with...nothing. Nothing!!!

Well, maybe my first kiss. Truly terrifying (will we bump noses? does my breath stink?) but would that count as one of the scariest? It doesn't seem to fit. Such a teenager moment!!

There is always child birth. That was pretty scary, and definately not a teenager moment. But the nice Dr. came in the nick of time with the big syringe full of epidural good stuff and then all was happy again. So that doesn't really work.

Oh, I have one. A real one! Way back when, D was an attorney in Oklahoma City. On the morning of April 19,1995, he went off to work and I went to a community Bible Study. As I entered the building, word sifted through the ladies that the Federal Courthouse building had just been bombed. I knew that D had a federal case that morning. Needless to say, the phone lines were completely jammed but miraculously I did at last get through to his secretary who confirmed that he was indeed downtown for the federal case. Fortunately, I was able to also get word quickly that it was not the courthouse but the Murrah Federal building that had been blasted apart, just 2 block away from where D was at the courthouse.

Thankful doesn't begin to describe my feelings that D was safe, but it was and is hard knowing how many other family's have a different and very sad story about this same day.

So I am supposed to tag some other people on this deal. My problem is I don't have any clue how to paste those cool little links in. That in and of itself is terrifying!! SO if you read this, consider yourself tagged and let me know!

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