Thursday, June 12, 2008


At long last, I have finished the book on my nightstand. Cokie Roberts' book, Founding Mothers, is somewhat thick and so that is my excuse. It isn't a good one. Probably not good enough for the library to waive the late fees for me.

Truth be told, it was just hard to get into. But somewhere about half way through I got hooked and then I slammed it. The women of the Revolutionary period were absolutely amazing people. Strong. Idealistic. Realistic. Brave. Feminine to the core. Impressive. And Abigail Adams was one of my favorites.

Anyways, it has fired me up to read more history from that time period and more about her, so I have started John Adams by David McCullough. I may finish it sometime next school year. Wish me luck! (:

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Kellie said...

Is that all there was at the library? And John Adams?

Do you have a fever? Wait a minute.

You haven't been feeling well. That explains it all.