Friday, June 13, 2008

Is it just me...

or does everyone else have this issue too? My nose waits to itch at the worst possible times.

For instance, as soon as I get both hands wrist deep in the dishwater, my nose invariably will itch. And not just a little itch, but a huge itch that if I don't scratch I feel like I will die!! So I either have to die, or get my face wet, or stop washing to dry my hands to rub my itchy nose.

(My nose is itching just thinking about all this. How funny!!)

This also happens when I wash the car and when I mop. But the common denominator isn't water, because I have no such issues in the shower or in the pool, though the bathtub has seen its share of itchy nose moments. This also happens when I am in a deep conversation with someone over something deeply personal in their life. I find myself wondering if it would look too terribly rude for me to reach up and rub my nose while they are spilling their gut. I try to time it with perhaps something less painful then the current rebellious children/goofball husband/difficult parent/random church issues. Sometimes I manage.

Last year I had a biopsy done (benign by the way) and for an hour I had to remain motionless. My nose went crazy!! The poor nurse had to use a piece of gauze to itch my nose half a dozen times during the procedure. Surely there was enough other stuff going on with my body that my nose could give me a break!! And as soon as I could move again, magically there was no itchy nose!!

So it is probably psychological. But please tell me that someone, anyone has this happen to them also!!


spaghettipie said...

Sorry, don't have that problem. But it's an old wives tale that if your nose itches it means someone is coming to see you . . .does that happen when your nose itches?

meh said...


HMMM!!! Very interesting!!!! That could be the answer!! Because I have noticed that the messier my kitchen, the more likely I am to have someone drop in on me. Maybe I will post on that phenomena another time.

Kellie said...

I'm with you friend. And my nose is itching right now too.

I laughed out loud because when you talked about the whole water thing, i completely understand! Especially the bath tub!