Friday, January 11, 2008

What My Latte Says About Me and My Responses:

I stole this survey from Kellie's blog over at La Vida Dulce. If you want to take the survey, click over to hers because I don't know how to get it on mine. (:

My latte of choice is caramel, regular, with skim milk and this is what the survey said:

"You don't treat yourself very often. (Nope, try again!) You find that indulging doesn't jibe with your very disciplined life." (Nope! Still wrong.)

"You can be quite silly at times,(Yes, just most people don't see it!) but you know when to buckle down and be serious." (I am a 37 year old mother of 4 children...of course I can buckle down and be serious!)

"You have a good deal of energy, (from about 10:24AM - 10:36 AM!) but you pace yourself.( I try. I don't have that much energy to work with, remember. Refer back to # 2 if you want to know why.) You never burn out too fast." ( I am somewhat idealistic and so therefore I often burn out too fast. But then I bounce back to life. It all works out!)

"You're addicted to caffeine." (Likely, but the type found in tea, which will actually extend my life if you read the right internet data.) There's no denying it." (I'm not denying it so get off my back, ok?!)

"You are responsible, mature, and truly an adult. You're occasionally playful,(Right, we already covered that in item 2. ) but you find it hard to be carefree." (Just give me a few minutes and I will get there!)

"You are sophisticated and daring, but you are never snobby." (I so have everyone fooled!)

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