Monday, January 14, 2008

Hidey the Huntress

I hope I am not becoming one of those annoying pet owners who dotes on their animals and always talks about them! I think I am pretty safe from that since it has never been a problem before. But then, I never had Hidey Cat before. Really, I am pretty new to cats, so the whole cat complicated-personna thing still amazes me.

Picture in your mind an extremely fluffy ball of multi-colored fur, weighing in at a healthy 13 lbs., and that is our Hidey. If we shaved her bald, she would probably weigh 3 lbs. She is an outdoor cat, since I am physically allergic and Big D and my second son are emotionally allergic to cats. But she sleeps in our garage on her throne (the lawn mower seat) and looks down upon us in lofty unconcern as we come and go. Even though she is well aware of her own worth, she has always been everything sweet to all of us, even Big D and M. She adores being held and loved and squeezed and petted. That is her soft, tame kitty side. But she definately has a wild and harsh side too, which we only see every once in awhile if we catch her on a hunt or stumble over her kill as we leave through the front door.

Yesterday Hidey the Huntress drug up to our front door owl!! A full grown, big claws and beak, owl! After we all admired her amazing prowess and "contribution" to our family, Big D took it to the high weeds for its burial/disposal. Thank goodness we don't have to eat what SHE kills on her hunts.

I was tempted to prop her little front paws on it and take her picture, kind of like the guys do with their hunting trophies, but I thought that might be taking it a step too far.


Kellie said...

We had cats here in the desert growing up that would get picked up and eaten by the owl! IT's amazing that she caught one!

Emotionally Allergic....I am so glad I wasn't drinking anything because that really made me laugh!

Lara said...

You go right now and drag that thang out of the weeds and take her picture with it! That is golden!!!!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at the "emotionally allergic" comment - I think you've coined a new phrase!

Ew, don't go touch that dead bird. Just take her picture with the next feathered trophy.