Friday, January 4, 2008

It Looked Fabulous...

in my mind! Unfortunately, reality didn't turn out so terribly fab!

I am talking specifically about the Missions bulletin board up at the church that I worked 4 hours on today. Yes! 4 hours!!

Sadly, there are lots of other things that could apply to also. For instance, the shade of yellow for my guest bathroom 2 houses ago. Or the shade of color I put on my hair a few months back. Or more recently, the "lavish" Christmas lights display around my front door and window which turned out a little pathetic.

But back to the Missions bulletin board. I have a friend who partners with me on this project once every couple of months. We do this together partly because we are friends and partly because no one else has volunteered to do it. Actually, that last reason is probably the main reason we do it, but anyways... She and I have about as much creativity between the two of us as a couple of squirrels but we do enjoy being around each other. Usually. At least for the first couple of hours when we are visualizing and planning and things are all fun and chatty. Once we realize how fast time is flying, and how what we visualized isn't developing, little things begin to frustrate us like the construction paper waves that look like Burger King crowns and the palm tree fronds that are too long and the... Anyways!! I promise you, it looked fabulous when it was in my mind!!!

We figure if anyone doesn't like it they can volunteer to do the next one!!!

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