Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Teaser

I guess Dublin prefers snow to limp wet grass.

Anyways. I am loving this "warm" weather even though I know it is just a teaser...Spring hasn't really sprung for us yet. But this week the snow will melt away and I won't wear a coat outside (though I will be chilly) and I will enjoy it while I have it. And when snow blankets the ground once again (probably on Easter if the last four years are any indication) I will try not to whine!

{RANDOM QUESTION: Why do teenage boys like to give each other welts and proudly show off the welts they have been given? I have 5 teenage boys in my basement currently doing just that...they are playing Sting Ping (painful ping pong to say the least). I don't get it!}

Back to Spring-like weather...yesterday I went for a bike ride with Big D through a beautiful park in our area. It was my second official ride and I am very much liking it! But we did get home and immediately order the cushy/tight pants. (: Hopefully they will be in before our next ride. And so now the kids can avert their eyes and dramatically scream in horror when I walk out in my biking clothes just like they do when Big D comes out as Spandex Man.

Hope you are enjoying your lovely weather wherever you might be! Blessings on your day!

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