Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ride out the storm

In the Colorado mountains on a camping trip as a teenager, a storm blew in quickly and without warning before my family even had the chance to finish setting up camp. There was no alternative but for us to huddle up under the best cover we could find and wait it out. There is a sense of power in a storm like renders you completely helpless for that period of time. And it is somewhat terrifying.

I am not sure what made me remember that incident so many years ago. I don't think I am facing anything monumental at the moment...and maybe therein lies my answer...nothing at the moment. There are so many storms that blow into our lives unexpectedly and the sheer force of the storm threatens to paralyze us from moving forward, or even backward for that matter. I guess the key is to ride out the storm to the best of our ability so that eventually we can go about moving forward once again.

Editing note: I don't mean to sound fatalistic...more along the lines of realistic. What I didn't say above, and I should, is that even as I wait out any storm that may cross my path, I am not doing it alone or without hope. There isn't a storm out there that separates me from the love and care of the Lord. But there are times and seasons that we are held in place and stationary until the point comes we are able to move forward. All the while, even as we ride out the storm, God shelters us in His loving care.

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