Thursday, March 19, 2009

Strange Conversations

D and I have had some strange conversations lately.

Conversations about college. Financing higher education and our role in that as parents. Locations for that higher eduction and our role as parents in that decision. Tattoo's and our role as parents. (It is a big thing with college kids these days.)

Conversations about marriage. Specifically arranged marriages. Marriages that don't take place until our kids are in their mid-twenties. If then. (Not seriously, but we like talking about it like we mean it.)

Conversations about what happens after our last one does marry. Downsizing, career, and travel options that will open up. The "bike" on which we will leave from the reception, decked out head to toe in leather. (Seriously. Just you wait and see!)

Strange conversations to be having when it was just yesterday that we were having conversations about our own college classes. Our upcoming wedding plans. A bigger home with more space and the "safe" mini-van for hauling babies.

Strange conversations!!


Kellie said...

Goodness! Those are strange in the world did time go so fast?

As a matter of fact I am going to send you some pics I cam across today and couldn't believe.

The Boy looked at you boys and said, Wow! D is my age in that picture...and I'm pretty sure that's true. ;(

TJ Wilson said...

makes me think, friend. yikes - these conversations are changing quickly. I will never forget you pulling me aside at that marriage conference - when our #3 was a baby - and saying, "Tj, no matter what anyone tells you, 4 is NOT the same as 3." you were so RIGHT!!