Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Couple that Laughs Together...

I added another "fun but cheap" date idea to my list. I stumbled on it by accident simply because I desperately needed cards for three of my sibling's birthdays in the next two weeks.

We have enjoyed laughing together over greeting cards before, but it has typically been tempered by having our kids with us and having to be careful about which cards they are looking at. You parents know exactly the kind of cards I mean... old wrinkled couples in a bikini and speedo, inappropriately dressed hotties wishing naughty birthday greetings, and animated animals with gastro issues. And now the cards are multi-media. They say things out loud that may or may not be worth repeating!

Anyways, without kids in tow, we felt the freedom to open any and all cards we wished. We had a good laugh over what my sister would do if I sent her this one or what my brother would say if I sent him that one. It was fun! I suggest you give it a try sometime.

And if it feels too cheap, by a latte at the Starbucks on your way in!

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