Wednesday, August 6, 2008

VBS Weary

I spent all yesterday weaving my normal daily activities in and out of VBS preparations. I started out working on the supply list for snacks and then cleaned up the kitchen.

I worked through the preschool curriculum and did a little vacuuming.

I made some phone calls and emails to volunteers and put the laundry up and made my bed.

I had the girls and the next door neighbor do a "wet" run on the preschool water games in our front yard while I did some more emailing.

The list goes on...

And it didn't end when my head hit the pillow. All night long my mind tossed through vbs issues like diet restrictions for the preschoolers and oranization of the volunteers. Which means that this morning, I am completely and totally weary of the whole VBS thing.

So I am not going to touch it today. I am going to have to hide it, because if it is out it will call to me and I might give in. But enough is enough and I want to sleep tonight dreaming of anything but VBS!!


Kellie said...

#1. You are a saint. VBS wears me out. I'm still tired from the last time I volunteered for VBS. That was four years ago.

#2. You just reminded me that I need to vacuum!

Becky said...

You are a saint much better than both Kel and I however at least it hasn't been 4 years since I have volunteered. That coordinating stuff is hard....... This year I had to say NO but all my kids endured the background checks and interviews to volunteer
WOW how times have changed.......