Monday, August 4, 2008

Dilemma's and Decision's

We really shouldn't be surprised. It was bound to come up with our kids just like it did with us growing up. I am talking about movies and the battle with the world over what is and isn't appropriate for a kid to view.

The Movie Dilemma...the ones they are allowed to see appear so lame compared to the "exciting" ones that are off limits.

The Movie Decision... go see the movie the friends are seeing and lie to the parents or just go home and miss out on all the fun.

"I know what you are feeling, and believe me, I hate it for you!"

This is what the movie conversation usually starts with. And it is so, so true! I wonder if they realize how much I mean it when I say it to them.

My sons are older and they have already heard this more then a few times over the past couple of years. My daughter heard it for the first time today. She is 12 and entering Jr. High this next year. I told her to get used to hearing it.

It is a battle. A battle for me to protect her innocence and purity as far as I am able while still preparing her for her future. Her near future as a teenager with a little more freedom and independence. Her distant future when she will be an adult with big decisions to make in a world that is tainted and ugly by the effects of sin.

And so, after a little pep talk, I showed her the website. The boys already know about it and have used it. Now it is her turn. It is just one little tool in our arsenol against what the world says is ok and what the Bible says is ok.

Please, God, help us to parent wisely and well!! Please help our kids to have the strength to stand alone when necessary!! Please bless their obedience in choosing to honor their parents standards!!

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Kellie said...

This is so true! And I am so glad you gave her a tool to use that helps her (and you!) to make decisions. That way she understands that it isn't only about you being "mean", but your helping her make the decision to fill her mind with things that are good!

Being a mom is so hard!