Thursday, August 28, 2008


The existence of God. Can He/Does He step in and intervene in my very own mundane daily life? Or is my faith simply the psychological crutch some would claim it to be. Yeesh! Where on earth is this blog going?!

You guys know me! With my history of faith in the actual existence of God and His personal intervention in my life, why on earth would I spend any precious time thinking about this topic?

I spent some of my yesterday thinking these deep thoughts and being the devil's advocate, probably literally. I ended up by asking, if it was good with Him, to show up in a big way for me in the near future. Nothing specific was required, but would He show me Himself in such a way that I would see it was undoubtedly Him and so encourage and remind me in my faith. I laid out a fleece.

This morning, God showed up. Yet again, may I say!!

I have been praying for the last two days for a friend whose house was in process of foreclosure and her family was to be homeless in 2 weeks time. They were able to make monthly payments but not make up for the several months they had missed. No matter what avenue she tried, she kept hitting a brick wall and unkind people unwilling to listen or help. And so I prayed for intervention from God and provision. And I prayed she would find favor with the people in the mortgage company. This morning she called with the news that her mortgage company had called her with some new developments. In a nutshell, everything unpaid has been "forgiven" and she has been given a new rate with monthly payments even less then before. This from a company that had flatly refused to work with her and that HUD had warned her to be impossible to work with in her situation.

And so God revealed Himself! I was allowed the opportunity to pray with her and for her personal issues and in the process God reminded me yet again of Who He is and how He works. He is a personal God who cares and specializes in the impossible!

I am not sure why I went through that little exercise of questioning and laying out a fleece yesterday. For heavens sake, I can count many, many times that God has revealed His Presence to me through the beauty of creation and through others life experiences, as well as through His Word made alive in my own life. But for whatever reason, my faith is encouraged and I have been given a reason to praise God. And I pass this encouragement along to you, if by chance you have even stayed with this blog long enough to reach this point, and pray that you too will see a reason to say thank you to God for His existence and His intervention in your own life. Pass it along to someone else and let the Name of the Lord be praised!

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