Wednesday, August 13, 2008


At long last, my eldest child will be able to truly show his gratitude to me. Gratitude for the late night feedings, the thousands of diaper changes, two years of homeschooling, several science fair projects, scads of basketball practices, a couple scares in ER, and laundry, lots and lots of laundry!

As of Monday, he will become an official barista.

He came home for lunch today and let me know the great news he had just been hired at Biggby's, my favorite coffee/tea hangout with my pals. The only downside, he said, was that he will be called a barista, which according to him sounds a bit girly. For starters: nothing could make him girly and, besides, isn't it just Italian for "revered maker of the coffee"? ( I really have no idea! I don't even know if I am spelling it right!)

And so where does him showing his gratitude come in? He gets a free drink each shift. And, this is where it gets really good, he doesn't like coffee!!!!!!!!!! Or hot tea, for that matter!!!!!!!!


Such a good, good kid is my barista-boy!!


Kellie said...

Oh! I think that job is fantastic! Will you get a discount on coffee?

And perhaps he would feel better if you called him a Baristo-Boy. Which would be the correct in spanish, and, I think, Italian. But I am not sure how that would go in a Starbucks.

I'm just saying.

Becky said...

meh i would love to trade you a Route 44 Dr Pepper from my Sonic car hop-girl for a grande mocha from your Barista-boy In case you didn't know there is a sonic now 1 mile from your old house :-) Missing you and you family Love reading your blog!!!!