Friday, December 14, 2007

Wrapping Presents

I love choosing presents for the people I love. Come to think of it, I enjoy buying for those who just fall in the category of duty purchases. But anyways, I like buying presents. I strongly dislike wrapping said presents. I am good at buying fun wrapping paper with coordinating ribbons. I am terrible at folding and taping and tying. And what have I been doing for the last week? Yep...wrapping presents for work related people. The work party was last night and was alot of fun as usual, but I am glad it is over. ( Does that make any sense to you?)

I have 18 more presents to do up tonight. The ones tonight are for my party tomorrow night with my mom's group (and spouses) at my home with a brand new mystery game. I took a poll and we all decided that we would have horribly fattening appetizers and desserts and do anything but white elephant. So I took the time to research all the Christmas games I could find and settled on The Present Auction. I have never done it before and so I will let you know how it goes. To a certain degree, it is already a success because everyone is wondering what "the mystery game" is. And they are all terribly grateful they don't have to dig up a white elephant present to bring because I have done all the shopping for the presents as part of the game and they are just donating a couple dollars each.

So I am off to wrap presents and I will let you know how the mystery game goes.


Kellie said...

Hey! Wait a minute! Isn't your husband the man who, in his many number of odd jobs during high school and college, the one who professionally wrapped presents during the holidays?

I hope it is because every year at Christmas I think about him and how one time I remember him saying how very important a very sharp fold is on the end of the present.

When I want to be lazy about wrapping I say to myself, "Would (his first AND last name) wrap this way? Noooooooooo. He would make sure there are sharp, tidy, folded ends." And I am motivated not to be outdone by your husband.

So, I guess what I am saying is that I always assumed he did all the wrapping in your household, since he was the pro.

Do I even know you guys? ;)

Actually, I am not surprised that you do the wrapping, but first three paragraphs are true!
I am with you on the white elephant. Can't wait to hear about the mystery present.

meh said...

Kellie, my optimistic husband is convinced that if I just practice my wrapping skills that I will reach a level of success that is acceptable to his high wrapping standards. And so I wrap, under his watchful eyes, forming nice sharp folds as carefully as I can. And it still looks like a 6 year old wrapped the present!