Friday, December 21, 2007

My New Exercise Routine

I really kind of stumbled on my new exercise routine by accident, but I have a fitness-friend who has assured me that it is quite possibly valid.

Every morning I wake up and before I jump out of bed, I groggily look ahead at my day to figure out how much more time I can actually sleep before getting up. Then I get my tea. It is a must!! And here is where the calories begin to burn...I get dressed in one of my stretchy workout pants, struggle into the workout undergarment that never seems to fit right though it is certainly snug, and a big baggy t-shirt from the 90's (they made them long enough back then to cover the thing I want covered).

As I wander through my day, it doesn't really matter too much whether I make it to the gym or not, because I am dressed for workout success! As I run through the house (literally, as Big D can testify) trying to find my cell phone/paperwork/or just be on time to my "next thing", I am in fact working out. As I frantically change out of workout clothes and into normal clothes to get to an appt., etc., I am burning serious calories. And of course when I get back home, I have the whole getting back into the workout clothes thing to do all over again. Really, it is just interval training. I am pretty excited to see the results of my routine after the holidays are all over. I bet you I haven't gained a pound!!!

11:20 update: dropped M at school, tires rotated and adjusted, Home Depot stop, Clinique makeup stop, oil change stop... haven't hit the gym yet but I am still dressed for workout success!!! I can just feel the calories burnin'!


Kellie said...

You go girl! With all that working out I think you have definitely earned some extra Christmas calories!

meh said...

5:22 update: 2 batches of Christmas cookies baked and iced; another hour long round trip to pick M up; 1 load in the dishwasher; 2 loads of laundry...still haven't hit the gym, but I also haven't showered (!!!) so I feel that may add another calorie burning component. Once you have showered the dressed for success workout outfit must be changed and may stop the process.

meh said...


ever my supportive friend, I do believe you are right!!

carrie said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure just the process of wrangling on a sports bra burns a ton of calories.

Kellie said...


You actually only burn calories when you have something to "wrangle" INTO a sports bra. I wear one, not because I actually need it but because it makes me look sporty.

It's all about appearances, my friends. So if you are wearing the work out attire, all is good because it APPEARS you have been to the gym.

Oh! The calories burned just thinking these things up!