Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tracks in the Snow

Out my bedroom window I have a fabulous view of our back yard ending in a stretch of high wild grass which leads to a line of woods which edge a portion of the farmer's soy plot. In warm weather we get to enjoy the regular appearance in our yard of deer and other wildlife. When the weather gets chilly, and as hunting season begins, these sightings are fewer and farther between. But then the snow falls, and I am assured the deer are still around. Right now I count 12 sets of deer tracks in the snow coming up to the water seap behind our house.

I love Christmas time and all the celebration that comes with it, but even still, I sometimes feel a little joy-less rather then joyful. So many items still unchecked on my to-do list. So many responsibilities and commitments. And time is flying by, not crawling. I think about my husband and kids, my friends and the people who happen to be around me for any stretch of time and I sincerely pray my life leaves at least a few tracks in the snow this Christmas season giving assurance that spiritual fruit is still present despite the chill of commitments and lists.


Blue Skies said...

Amen Sister!!

Kellie said...

We have snow today too!!! On the Mountains at least!

Come on Christmas!