Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Venison for Thanksgiving Dinner

Growing up in the family I did, I was always well-aware of my own family's Christian heritage as well as the Christian heritage our nation enjoys. We would re-tell the story of those first Thanksgiving feasts, praise God for His provision then and now, and marvel at how he bonded Squanto and other American-Indians with those early Puritan settlers. The newcomers would never have survived without the kindness of the Indians.

I am so thankful today for my parent's hammering that story into our reluctant heads...God's provision is after all timeless and ever so worthy of Thanksgiving.

Big D, true to his American-Indian heritage, has shot two deer with his bow and arrow in the last two weeks. When we join big D's aunt and uncle on Thursday, he will proudly provide venison for the Thanksgiving Feast this year. (My kids love being 3% Indian and think it is really cool...too bad 3% doesn't qualify for scholarship money! Then it would be WAY cooler!!)

Interestingly, my side of the family has some Mayflower roots deep back into our family tree. So, true to my heritage, I will be glad to enjoy and give thanks for the feast that is being provided for me. (OK...that was a joke! I am sure I will contribute something, probably chocolate...)

Anyways, that is our go at an authentic Thanksgiving Feast this Thursday!! Hope you enjoy yours as well!!

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O Mom said...

My children have a very small percent of indian in them also, from their Dad's small percent. My middle daughter got the indian genes however(dark hair,eyes,and skin) and always goes around telling everyone she's an indian princess!!?