Thursday, September 17, 2009

Magic Number 39!

Birthdays were always so fabulous for me as a kid. The youngest of five, it was my chance to have all the love lavished on little ole me that I could possibly want. Good food and gifts and attention. Just for me! All for me!

And whatever age I was turning, I just knew was going to be incredible. Just because I was that magic number. Oh, the possibilities of what that next year would hold.

I would even practice writing out my new age in the weeks preceding the big day. (I think the number 8 was my favorite because it is such a swirly and decorative number).

Today I turned 39. And somehow, and I know this will come as a shock, birthdays just aren't what they used to be when I was a kid and the number 39 doesn't exactly invite visions of adventure to dance through my head.

When I think of the number 39 I think of:

*the times I have told myself in the last week that getting older is no big deal; in fact it is great, and that I will do so gracefully and with a zest for what is before me...blah, blah, blah...

*the number of vitamins and supplements I require to function with energy in a day (approximately, of course!)

*pounds I would like to lose before I am 40 (no, not really, but sometimes 9 pounds feels like 39)

Honestly, I think my "issue" lies in the fact that I don't typically FEEL like I am getting older but my brain is telling me that today I am in fact older. Yesterday I was in the middle-late-30's category. But today I am a late-30's-pushing-into-40's.

For those of you who have reached or surpassed this number of years in your life, feel free to slowly shake your head in amused pity/sympathy as I grapple with this minor transition. For those of you yet to reach this milestone of your life, feel free to smugly smile at my expense...because your day is a-comin'!

Note: My sweet husband and family are treating me like a queen for which I feel so blessed!


Kellie said...

The only thing about your turning 39 that makes me sad is that I'm not there to eat steak with you (because I know how good they are!)

Other than that with age comes wisdom and I appreciate the truth and wisdom you speak into my life. Thank you for being such a dear and true friend to me!

Happy Birthday...and next year on this date I am planning on being together!!!

whimzie said...

Happy Birthday! I'm going to be the number that comes after 39 in a few months. I'd love to tell you that I'm getting there gracefully, but I have to remind myself frequently that there will be no wailing or gnashing of teeth.

Hope you had a very special day!