Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Contemplative Moment

The thing about a quiet and empty house is that in the silence you can start to hear your own thoughts. Ok, maybe not literally "hear", but at least notice.

"I want chocolate."

"Laundry or book, book or laundry...definately book!"

"Do fish drink water?"

So I am not always super impressed with those thoughts...they often seem rather shallow, lazy, or even downright unpleasing to God. But on the rare occasion they do take a deeper turn.

One of the directions I have heard my thoughts go lately is in the direction of blind spots of the spiritual kind. It is so easy to identify blind spots in other people's lives. But not so easy to see my own.

Is it the noise and rush of life that fool me into thinking I don't suffer from my own personal blind spots? Am I unwilling to notice those blind spots because I like things the way they are? I don't want to have to change or put forth effort in that particular arena?

A string of totally unconnected conversations over the past few days has encouraged my heart that God would have me pursue this line of thought because I am unique and His relationship with me is unique and He has something ahead for me to learn. Perhaps some blind spots to correct. Or maybe just some thought patterns to re-align with His. Should be interesting!

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