Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Letter from a Tennis Mom

Dear son,

I vow here and now that I will not become "that" mom.

You know the type. The type that didn't do quite as much as she would have liked to on the court in her own highschool years.

Didn't practice her serve often enough like Serena did.

Didn't hone her mental skills razor sharp like Venus.

Didn't take as many steroids...I mean grow as tall... as either of those players.

Anyways. I vow I will just let you go have some fun on the green courts, whacking the little yellow ball around to your hearts content, without pushing and bullying you if you aren't practicing enough to suit me.



(But, oh, I am so excited that ONE of my kids is showing a bit of interest in that great sport!!!!!! You want to go play?)

1 comment:

Kellie said...

Tennis is the one sport that leaves me confused.

No. That's not true. I'm confused by a lot of sports...but I'm extra confused by tennis. I don't understand the scoring at all. You''l have to explain it to me sometime!