Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Fun Date Idea

On vacation at Green Lake in Wisconsin, D and I stumbled upon another cheap yet fun date.

We go to this family camp about every other year, but for the very first time our kids were all old enough to be in their own programs. With free time on our hands for just the two of us, we decided to try out the bicycle trails on the bikes the camp provides.

There is nothing like feeling the rush of wind as you fly down the other side of a hill you just struggled to get up! Have you done that lately? You forget about the burn in your aching quads. You forget about your sore behind because you don't have those tight, shiny, padded shorts on. You just feel like a 12 year old again, carefree, and with nothing on your mind but an afternoon to enjoy.

The only down side to this fun date idea for me is putting it into real life back home...we don't own bikes. Not yet. (So much for a cheap date idea!) But we have GREAT trails here in our local parks. Hmm! Maybe Christmas...

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