Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My How Time Flies...

Growing up, my parents had all kinds of good solid parenty phrases like:

-"work before you play"

-"you will understand when you are older"

-"sometimes that is just the way things go"

But the most unfathomable phrase, hands down, was:

- "my how time flies"

I thought they were absolutely nuts! Besides the obvious next question of WHERE exactly does time fly to, in my own childish experience time seemed to crawl by. There was always something wonderful (like Christmas, Spring Break, a birthday party, etc.) that were days if not weeks away and it always felt like the big day... would... never... ever...arrive!

And now, because "sometimes that is just the way things go", I am sitting at my computer and the title to this blog is "My How Time Flies", and I do understand because I am so much older now. Well, maybe not very much older as I still have yet to fully assimulate the whole "work before you play" idea.

Happy New Year dear friends!!!


Kellie said...

Happy New year friend!

Blue Skies said...

Happy New Year! By the way, we watched Kung Fu Panda for the first time last night too - better than we expected.