Friday, July 18, 2008

How Hidey Got Her Mohawk

Once upon a time there was a cat with lots of hair! Long and flowing, it kept her cozy and warm all the hard winter long.

But, alas, as she hunted and gathered rodents for her pets (that would be us), her long locks also gathered nasty burrs, growing matted and ugly as the days went by.

With tears in their eyes (literally, as she still does have all her claws), her pets were driven to the point of shaving the once beautiful and now matted coat of hair.

But on the bright side, the hair growing along her elegant spine was still knot free.

And that is how Hidey the cat got her mohawk!

I would post a picture but as soon as we were done she was out of there like the proverbial bat!


Kellie said...

She and Kona could start a support group for bad hair cuts.

meh said...

Wouldn't they be a mess?! I can just picture The Dog Whisperer leading it. It might go something like this :

T.D.W. : Welcome everyone, shall we begin?

Hi, my name is Kona and I have a bad hair cut.

Hi, Kona!!

Hi, my name is Hidey and I also have a bad hair cut.

Hello, Hidey!!

T.D.W. : Group Hug, everyone!!

(Snarl..Growl...Snap... Claw...Spit...Bite)

T.D.W. : Good meeting everyone, I think we made some real progress! Same time and same place next week.